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My Memories of Maendeleo Riders

Maendeleo Riders | Photo courtesy of

Memories. Memories are the quicksilver moments of my childhood even though I cannot remember entirely. Memories are like a shuffled deck of cards, each one coming up at random. So, Today allow me take you to a blast from the past I reckoned just a while ago.
 As much as my mind can remember, It was over a decade ago, I had my first ride on Maendeleo Bus Riders. It was not only the reliable bus service but also “cheap “. Maendeleo Riders transit between Kabartonjo in Baringo North through Kabarnet and Iten towns to Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County as destination. It was the only as to and fro journey each day.
            This stretch of journey runs in an all manner of meandering road for  coma-inducing miles through an endless expanse thicket of Tugen Hills, the bone-dry Kerio Valley and the lush green Uasin Gishu area, from Kipsaraman - Kabartonjo - Ossen - Seretunin - Seguton -  Kabarnet -  Kiboino - Ainomoi - Chebloch Gorge -    Cheptebo - Chepsigot - Biretwo - Tambach -  Kessup -   Iten and finally Eldoret then a return journey. 
A section of Kerio Valley Road

When the August holiday approached (over a decade ago), I had a reason to get excited. I was rightful to pay a visit my dad in Kabarnet town where he worked. On the very day, I would leave home with my cousin brother before noon to walk about 3 miles down Elgeiyo Escarpment on a hot afternoon and at exactly 2: 00 pm; Maendeleo Bus Riders would be on Tambach Shopping centre stage picking passengers.
The journey was fun, at a point because of our inertia we couldn’t resist having thrown left – right -forward –backwards- centre as the driver cruised negotiates the sharp corners and meandering and steep Kerio valley road. As children, we were not allowed to occupy any passengers seat despite having paid your enough fare, other children who had their parents or guardians around would be held close, but for lone rangers like us, we had to tower on the “corridor” clutched to the exposed metallic part of seats.
A Corner along Kerio valley road

When it was time to come back home, by 7:00 am on that day, I would be standby on stage ready to board Maendeleo Bus riders which arrived normally by 7:15am. The return safari for me was an awe-inspiring one. This was the opportunity to have good time of a thousand views of Kerio Valley landscape.  I would wonder who owns all this fascinating gravelly land.  I remember, when we approached Kerio River, I would panic, then closed my eyes until the bus crossed the bridge. I had had fairy tales about Chebloch Gorge, talk of deadly crocodiles present, very deep water, people that had drowned in the river and never came back, I was damn scared. Kerio River bisects the Kerio Valley, a river about 10 yards wide flows northwards in to Lake Turkana in the heart of Kerio Valley.
            Now let me ask who has any info, where did Maendeleo Riders bus service go?




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